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A circumcision device similar to a bottle-opener or cork puller.

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Technically, this is the medical term referring for a Skin Bridge.  However, it is commonly used in reference to immobility of the skin of the circumcised penis because of the development of

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Bone Forceps

Instrument used in freehand circumcision. They resemble double‐acting bolt‐cutters and can literally cut bone, so damage to the glans from this method was not uncommon ‐ particularly since the glans can not be seen when they are applied.

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Bris Milah (also Brit Milah)

The Bris Milah is the Jewish circumcision ceremony, performed on the eighth day after birth by a mohel.

The different words, Brit and Bris, are the same word pronounced differently. Brit is the Sefardik pronunciation, and Bris is the Ashkenazik pronunciation.

Brit Shalom (or Bris Shalom ) (or Brit Shalem)

Brit Shalom, or Brit Shalem, is a surgery‐free Jewish naming ceremony that replaces the more traditional Brit Milah circumcision for newborn Jewish boys.

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Hebrew, meaning "covenant," and the plural, Britot

Buried Penis

A condition in which the shaft of the penis is buried in the fat of the groin. May be a natural condition, or related to circumcision.

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Byars' Flaps

Technique of hypospadias repair in which the foreskin is preserved. Excess dorsal skin is used to cover the ventral shaft.


The surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis. Also called Male Genital Mutilation (MGM).

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Circumcision Scar

The circumferential scar on the penis that indicates where the scalpel, clamp, or other cutting or crushing device cut off the foreskin.

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