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This is the place to find out about foreskin restoration

Restoring Foreskin for curcumcised and intact men wishing to restore their foreskin is a community that is devoted to foreskin restoration and overcoming the adverse affects of circumcision. We welcome those who wish to learn how to restore foreskin and undo the effects of circumcision.  We also welcome those who wish to advocate against routine infant circumcision (RIC) and seek ways of being an intactivist.

Foreskin restoration is a process for lengthening the shaft skin of the penis to restore a foreskin. Circumcision removes the frenar band, the ridged band, and all or a part of the frenulum. Although foreskin restoration cannot replace the missing structures, foreskin restoration can create slack skin that covers and protects the glans to keep the glans from becoming keratinized, just like the original foreskin.  A restored foreskin also gives men a feeling of being whole again, that the parts that were cut off without their permission have been restored.

The public portion of includes a Beginner's Guide to Foreskin Restoration. The public portion also includes links and general information on foreskin restoration methods and devices, including a t-tape guide and manual tugging routines. Also available is a Foreskin Restoration Calendar showing meetings for NORM and other groups.

The member's only portion of contains much more detailed information.  Inside the member section, we have

  • foreskin restoration blogs written by members describing their progress and reporting on restoration/intactivsm events
  • a foreskin restoration forum with many subforums devoted to restoration devices and methods, intactivism, and restoration in general
  • polls created by members
  • albums for members to show foreskin restoration progress pictures
  • several chat rooms that allow real-time conversations between members
  • a private messaging system for members

In order to access the member pages of, you must be a member and log onto the website through the menu at the left. If you are not yet a member, you are welcome to browse the links below to see what this site is all about.

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Become a member of and learn more about regaining your birthright.  Yes, you were born with a foreskin.  The natural state for males is to be intact.  If you were circumcised, you lost your foreskin and all that your foreskin does for you.

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