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About was established in March 2009 when a long-standing predecessor was closed down. had been one of the most vital foreskin restoration sites of the early part of the decade. At the announcement of it's pending closure, members made every effort to offer assistance both financial and creative in an effort to convince it's operator to keep the site alive.

Feeling that the writing was on the wall, some members took action and moved to build a replacement site. In order to maintain some familiarity and continuity, the domain name was kept similar, modifying the restore to restoring; thus was born the site you are visiting today. 

It was Tally who first saw the need for a replacement of  He put out a call for assistance and QBMan answered.  The two teamed up to build a site to provide support for men who wished to restore their foreskins.  The site offers foreskin restoration blogs, forums for those who have questions about restoring and who also wish to post about intactivism (the fight against routine infant circumcision - RIC).  Members are also able to post pictures chronicling their foreskin restoration progress.

GOALS: The goal of is to be the best support and social networking site for foreskin restorers.  It is you, the members of this community, that can help us achieve this goal.

RULES and POLICIES Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.