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Restoring with T-tape - a graphic guide

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This T-taping guide contributed by Tormod, a restorer from Ireland.


May I take the opportunity to thank all those who have developed the processes of foreskin restoration using tape methods. Gary, in particular, deserves special mention.

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T-Taping is a method of restoring a circumcised or short foreskin.  The T-tape is applied to the foreskin a certain way in order to tension the foreskin with an elastic band that is clipped to the tape.  The name comes from the shape of the tape before it is applied to the skin.  The sticky part forms the top of the T and the descending part of the T is a folded over portion of tape.  The sticky part of the tape is attached to the skin and the folded portion of the tape is attached to the elastic tensioning device.

Videos are available for showing how to put on T-tape and how to make T-tapes.

The following pictorial guide illustrates preparing T-tapes and how the elastic is attached to the T-tape.  For more information, log onto and check out our blogs and forums.

1. The first step is to prepare the rectangular T-tape backing strip. One side of the strip must be slick so that the tape may finally be peeled from it. The length of the strip must be greater than the circumference of your erect penis plus, maybe 2cm (1in). The width of the strip is greater than about 3.5cm (1.5in).

The paper backing strip is folded in half along its longer dimension. This provides a centre line. Two guide lines are ruled parallel to the central line and (in my case) 1cm (0.5in) from it - one on each side of the central line. If you rule these lines on the back of the paper then there is no opportunity for the ink/pencil to get on your penis.


Foreskin restoration t-tape backing paper strip mefix tape


2. Mefix tape is a fabric based tape and it is slightly extensible in one direction - parallel to the axis on which it is wound.

One big advantage (for me!) of Mefix is that it is available in rolls of width 15cm (6in). This is 2cm greater than the circumference of my erect penis. There are cutting guide lines every 10cm along the roll. 10cm will allow for 2 x 1cm for the top of the T and 4cm for the upright of the T. You now have a rectangle of Mefix 10cm X 15cm. One roll of Mefix is enough to make 50 of these T-tapes.

Foreskin restoraton t-taping tape cut Mefix tape cutting


3. Carefully peel back the Mefix backing paper from along one of the 15cm sides. Peel it back to maybe 1.5 - 2cm and fold the backing away from the fabric.

Restoring foreskin t-taping backing mefix tape Foreskin Restoration


4. The backing strip prepared at stage 1 is folded along its centre line with the slick side upwards. The exposed adhesive surface of the Mefix is carefully applied so that its edge is placed at the 1cm guide line on the backing strip.

Foreskin restoration t-tape first contact taping mefix tape


5. The assembly is now turned over so that the second 1cm guide line is visible. The remaining backing paper is removed from the Mefix rectangle.

Foreskin restoration t-tape second contact of tape to restore


6. The free side of the Mefix is now positioned on the second guide line of the backing strip. The two adhesive surfaces of the Mefix are now pressed together to form the upright of the T.

Foreskin Restoration t-tape restore mefix tape


7. A small rectangle at the end ot the upright of the T is now cut out. This step allows you to make the T-tape to your exact circumference. The tabs which remain on the top of the T are used during the application of the T-tape.

Foreskin restoration t-tape notch mefix tape with notch


8. The final product is shown below.

The sticky part, which is shown face down, is attached to the skin with the tape centered on the Point of Equilibrium (POE).  Some men use the scar line as the POE, others move it to one side or the other in order to apply more tension to either inner or outer skin.  The folded portion of the tape, which is shown sticking up, is folded over and pulled forward after the tape is attached to the skin.  The clip of the elastic tensioning device attaches to the tape..

Foreskin restoration t-tape final tape product mefix


9. One of the elastic strap geometries that I use has a small loop positioned around the sole of the left foot. The elastic goes around the leg twice and is clipped to the T-tape. This geometry gives a relatively constant length, and therefore tension, as the knee joint changes during walking, sitting etc. I aim for a tension of about 600g (20oz) and this can be checked before use by suspending known weights.   There are many ways to roughly check the tension - be inventive.

Foreskin restoration t-tape taping tension with elastic


I have 3 or 4 straps which I use in different geometries: straight down leg, wrapped around leg, around waist, ... Some are shown in the images. Again, be inventive!

Foreskin restoration t-tape taping in use with elastic suspender


Foreskin restoration t-tape taped elastic around the waist


T-tape is almost impossible to spot in use.

Foreskin restoration t-tape under clothes jeans pants

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