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Links for foreskin restoration and intactivism

The Internet is filled with pages about circumcision, both for and against. supports men who wish to regain what was taken from them, usually by routine infant circumcision (RIC).

Visit the following sites to learn more about circumcision and its harmful affects on both men and women.  The sites provide information for expectant mothers and parents of newborn boys to help them decide about circumcising their baby boy.  Other sites provide information on the care and handling of both circumcised and intact male genitals, as well as how the foreskin functions with the penis.

Information on Restoring a Foreskin:

Information on Circumcision and being Intact:

Intactivist Organizations:

Join to learn more about circumcision and restoring foreskin.  The members only section includes a wealth of information, including first person accounts and the details of the various techniques and methods of foreskin restoration.