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Circumcision Information Cards

Are you unhappy about being circumcised? Are you angry about genital cutting of infants? Do you want to do something about the injustice of infant circumcision?

I printed up cards that I strategically distribute. The cards primarily target men and are intended to pique their interest so that they will investigate circumcision and restoration. 

Front of Circumcision Information Card asking if you ever wondered how circumcision affected youClick for full size image
Back side of Circumcision Information Card

I distribute the cards

  • on bulletin boards around campus, such as in the student center, in dorms, in the buildings where classes are held
  • in locker rooms (I leave one on a bench and inside a few empty lockers every time I go to the gym)
  • on lunchroom and cafeteria tables
  • in study rooms and in study carrels
  • inside magazines in waiting rooms (makes a great bookmark!) (I visit the local hospital and wander the halls leaving cards in various waiting rooms)
  • in fast food restaurants (I put them on the counter next to the register so that customers see them but the cashier doesn't)
  • to friends and relatives
  • in gas stations (where I get gas has a plastic holder for advertising gas credit card applications on top of the gas pump - I slide one in)
  • at community events and fairs
  • on my dashboard (I leave a card on my dash so that it is visible by those walking past the car in parking lots)
  • anywhere else that I think someone will see the card and investigate

I usually leave only one card at a time. I think if I leave too many that the cards may be considered a nuisance and be targetted for cleanup.

If anyone wishes to print their own cards, they can use the Circumcision Information Card pdf file.

-- promoting intactivism and restoration one man at a time