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Join the community! is a community concerned with circumcision and how to overcome the effects of being circumcised.  Many of the members are actively restoring their foreskin by using various tugging routines.  Information on Foreskin Restoration Methods and Devices is available on the public side of the site, but much more is available inside the private area of the site.

Because of the sensitive nature of restoring foreskin, the site has a private section where the members are free to discuss their progress and feelings, members are free to share pictures and stories.  The members of are a community and we all support everyone.  It is not just the men who were circumcised that are a part of the community, but the community also includes partners, both men and women, and others who are intactivists.

If you are not yet a member, you are welcome to browse the links below to see what this site is all about.

Membership to is free.  All you need is a valid e-mail address and a desire to participate in our community. 

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If you encounter problems joining or logging onto the site after joining, visit Accessing member pages.