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Manual Tugging Squeeze-Stretch Technique

Avatar for Tally, a circumcised guy who is manual tugs his foreskin to restore it This manual tugging guide written by Tally based on a contribution by AwesomeHoody.


One technique that has gained popularity is the Squeeze-Stretch Method.  A tugger known as AwesomeHoody developed and publicized squeeze-stretch in 2005.  AwesomeHoody and others have reported great success using the method.  I use squeeze-stretch in conjunction with manual tugging method 2 and I am happy with my progress.

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Squeeze-stretch requires that the foreskin easily extend beyond the end of the glans.  If you don't have enough slack skin, use another manual tugging method until you do. 

With one hand, the index finger is placed inside the foreskin as the other fingers of that hand grasp the tip of the foreskin and pull it forward away from the glans.  The other hand grasps the foreskin between the glans and the fingers of your first hand.  The other hand then squeezes the foreskin and forces the glans down the foreskin.

The illustration below shows the squeeze-stretch manual tugging method.  Below that are the instructions from AwesomeHoody on doing the squeeze-stretch.

squeeze stretch manual tugging method by AwesomeHoody, with permission
Picture provided with permission from AwesomeHoody

[quote=AwesomeHoody]Pull out the end of your foreskin over the head, away from your body,with a three finger grip. First finger in the foreskin opening and the side of the thumb on the top surface of the foreskin and second finger on the bottom side. This gives you a firm three finger grip on the end of the foreskin.

Using the other hand you wrap as many fingers as you can circumferentially around the foreskin "tube" but above the head. Now squeeze your grip closed about the foreskin tube. If you don't have much foreskin length you might be able to grip around the circumference with only one finger. As your foreskin lengthens you will add fingers.

The grip stretches the "double skin tube" of foreskin between the end of the foreskin (on which you have a firm grip) and the head of the penis. I hold this for like 6 seconds.

You're going to feel some discomfort, a mild burning, as your foreskin is stressed to the max stimulating mitosis and causing your skin growth. This method does not pull on your nut sack like some tugging methods so more force is applied to the skin you want to grow.

Do at least one set of 7 squeezes ( 6 second squeezes). Do 3 sets if you have the time. I do this a few times a day. Like after I take a leak. Once you get the hang of it you can adjust the grip to focus on top, bottom, inner or outer foreskin.

Also switch your hands to get even skin growth. This method tends to lengthen and narrow the foreskin tube. Squeeze-stretching a few times per day gives your developing foreskin a daily workout that feels equal to tugging 24/7 without causing skin damage that inevitably requires recuperation periods. You will get your life back because this method requires no gear and little time. Think of it as a daily routine, like brushing your teeth or working out, and the frustration of restoring will diminish.

I developed this method after I had hit a "Plateau" with tape tugging. No matter what I did and how much force I used I couldn't get a functional foreskin. The squeeze stretch manual method will deliver around 3/16" of foreskin a month. This method is as discreet as possible. No one need know. I found that restoration is something that is better not shared with anybody. [/quote]

The sequence of pictures below illustrate the hand positions for doing the squeeze-stretch technique of manual stretching.

Squeeze-stretch manual tugging with tip of finger inside skin tube of foreskin

The tip of the index finger of the first hand is positioned in the foreskin.  The thumb and other fingers of the first hand grip and pull the foreskin away from the body.

Squeeze-stretch manual tugging method for restoring foreskinSqueeze-stretch manual tugging method for restoring foreskin

The thumb and index finger of the second hand are shown encircling the foreskin around the index finger.  The index finger of the first hand is squeezed by the second hand.  The squeezing keeps the index finger inside the foreskin and anchors the foreskin as you do the stretch.

Squeeze-stretch technique manual tugging method for restoring foreskin

The other fingers of the second hand are shown squeezing the foreskin.  I can only use 2 fingers to squeeze because I do not have that much foreskin, yet.

Squeezing the fingers of the second hand forces the glans away from the index finger of the first and and forces the glans toward the abdomen.  The squeeze puts tension on the skin inside the foreskin.  The tension is between the sulcus and where the skin is gripped by the first hand.

Alternative technique of Squeeze-Stretch

Another tugger advocates using a baby bottle nipple instead of your index finger.  I like this technique because the silicone of the baby bottle nipple is less irritating than my finger and the nipple stays in my foreskin with less slippage.  An advantage to using the baby bottle nipple is that I can squeeze-stretch with one hand. 

Squeeze-stretch manual tugging method for restoring foreskin with a baby bottle nipple as a gripper

The picture below illustrates the baby bottle nipple about to be inserted into my foreskin. 

Squeeze-stretch manual tugging method for restoring foreskin with a baby bottle nipple as a gripper

I position my thumb and index finger around the tip of my foreskin.  My fingers make the OK sign.  My fingers are squeezing the end of the baby bottle nipple.

Squeeze-stretch manual tugging method for restoring foreskin with a baby bottle nipple as a gripper

The rest of my fingers wrap around my foreskin and I squeeze.  I use a AAA battery stuck into the inside of the nipple to keep the nipple from collapsing when I squeeze.  Put the battery in the nipple before you start.  Another way to do this is to put your index finger of your other hand in the nipple and pinch the outer end of the nipple to keep it from being pulled into your foreskin.


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