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Why Restore Your Foreskin

Reasons why to restore a foreskinForeskin restoration is a process of growing new skin to simulate the intact foreskin. It is a long, drawn-out process that can take more than a year to accomplish.

Why Restore

It is natural to wonder why a man would make the effort to restore something that was so easily and quickly removed from his penis. The following are various reasons that men restore. I came up with this list of reasons based on my personal experience and from reading several forums and websites. The reasons below are frequently given by many men.

Better sex 

Face it, we all want better sex and more sex. The foreskin is part of a man's sex organ. Having a complete sex organ makes sex better for men. It makes sex better for women. And if women are happier with sex, they will want it more, which makes it better for men.

Why not restore

Foreskin restoration is not for everyone. There are reasons not to restore your foreskin. Just like everything else in life, you need to balance the benefits of foreskin restoration with the effort required to see those benefits.