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Manual Tugging Method 2

Avatar for Tally, a circumcised guy who is manual tugs his foreskin to restore it This manual tugging guide contributed by Tally, a firm believer in taking matters into his own hands!


Using nothing but your hands, you can still tug and achieve good results.  Method 2 is the method described by Doug on his Manual Methods of Foreskin restoration website. Method 2 involves using both hands to tension a length of foreskin on the shaft of the penis.

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Method 2 is the best manual tugging method for beginners to get enough slack to wear a device. If you were cut tight, say a CI-1 or a CI-2, or you were cut looser, method 2 of manual tugging is a good way to start restoring your foreskin. Manual tugging method 2 has been my primary tugging method. It has taken me from tight erections to full flaccid coverage with overhang. I still use manual method 2 as I work towards full erect coverage.

Hand/Finger placement

Method 2 is basically making an OK symbol with the thumb and index finger of each hand. With one hand, the thumb and index finger encircle the shaft of your penis near your scrotum. With the other hand, the thumb and index finger encircle the shaft near the glans.  With a firm grip, the two hands are moved apart to stretch the skin on your shaft.

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The illustration above is by ThePowersthatBe
who has graciously permitted its use here.

The illustration shows how to tug the outer skin between the circ scar and the scrotum.
To tug the inner foreskin remnant, position the upper hand close to the corona, such as shown in the picture below.

Method 2 is usually done with an erection.  Showers and some growers can do it while flaccid. It all depends upon if you can fit your hands and fingers on your shaft. The illustration above shows one way the hands can be positioned for manual tugging with method 2. The picture below shows another.

The picture below shows me tugging. My hands are positioned as illustrated above, except my upper hand is next to my corona so that I am tensioning my inner and outer skin. I am flaccid and my circumcision scar is visible between my hands. Another difference is that the illustration is a view looking up at the bottom of the penis and the picture below is me tugging looking down at my hands. It does not matter which way your hands are positioned or which hand you use where.  I mix it up to keep my hands from getting sore. The whole idea is to be able to grab your shaft skin and apply tension.

Manual tugging picture for method 2 where the hands pull the shaft skin in opposite directions


How much tension is enough?

One benefit to manual tugging is that you can see your skin while tugging.  I pull my hands apart until all the slack skin is taken up.  I pull a bit more so that the skin is fully stretched. Then I pull just a little bit more and hold for 5 to 30 seconds.  I then relax my hands for a few seconds and repeat.  I do this for 1 to 20 minutes at a time.

After tugging a few times, the surface of my skin takes on a wrinkled texture, with the wrinkles being tiny and close together. When I apply tension, the skin smooths out and looks almost glossy or smooth.

But, not too much tension!

Tugging should never hurt. There should not be any pain or soreness from tugging.

The longer you apply tension, the less tension you can safely apply without it being painful. Said in another way, more tension can be applied if you tug for only a few seconds at a time.

After a good manual tugging session, the skin may become red and warm, even hot. Tugging causes the body to increase the blood flow to your skin to help alleviate the stress caused by tugging.

How often do I need to do this?

The purpose of tugging is to induce mitosis. Mitosis is the process in which new skin cells grow, which makes the shaft skin longer, which will become our restored foreskin. There are no scientific studies that tell us how much tension should be applied for how long or how often.  All we have is the experience of others to guide us.

When I started tugging, I was able to grow more than 1/4 inch (6mm) of shaft skin per month using this method and other manual methods.  I tugged every few hours, for 1 minute (when I was in the bathroom) up to 20 or 30 minutes (in the evening when I had privacy).  I usually manually tugged for a total of one hour a day, sometimes up to 2 hours.  I spaced my manual tugging throughout the day.

But my inner foreskin is too sensitive for this!

When I started, my skin was very keratinized and I had no trouble grabbing my inner foreskin next to my corona glans.  But, after a while, my inner foreskin became too sensitive to comfortably grab the skin.  I found that when I was in the shower that I could tug by grabbing my inner foreskin.  Because I like long, hot showers, this worked well for me.

Another alternative that works for me is to grab my glans instead of encircling my inner foreskin.  My glans is less sensitive than my inner foreskin.  I cannot apply as much tension this way, but I can target my inner foreskin by pulling with one hand on my glans and the other just below my circumcision scar.

Is this only for beginners?

Not at all! I started restoring my foreskin by tugging with method 2.  I am currently about CI-6 and I still use method 2, along with squeeze-stretch and other manual methods.  As my skin grew longer, I began tugging it in sections.  I would first tug my inner foreskin, then I would tug between my circumcision scar and my hairline next to my scrotum.

As I grew even more skin, I would roll my skin up my glans and grab that skin with one hand and have the other at my hair line next to my scrotum.  That would tension my outer foreskin without irritating my inner foreskin.  I would use squeeze-stretch to tension my inner foreskin or I would use method two and target my inner foreskin by grabbing my shaft near the circumcision scar with one hand and the other hand would grab the shaft skin near the corona or I would just hold the glans.

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