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Hypospadias refers to the abnormal location of the urinary opening.  It can be either congenital, or the result of a surgical (Iatrogenic) mistake during circumcision (see photo below). 

Instead of exiting at the tip of the glans penis, the meatus can be located anywhere along the line of the urethral groove, running from the glans along the ventral side of the penile shaft, to the junction of the penis and scrotum.

Hypospadias is an absolute contraindication for circumcision, because the foreskin can be used for its repaired using the Byars' flaps.  However, many boys with hypospadias are circumcised regardless.  

Hypospadias of the penis - Various locations of the urinary opening

 Classification of Congenital Hypospadias

Drawing: Weiner and Hensle (2000)

Iatrogenic Hypospadias

Iatrogenic Hypospadias