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Shaft Skin

The part of the penile sheath that covers the shaft from the pubic area up to the intact foreskin or circumcision scar. During non-surgical restoration, stretching this sheath along with any remaining inner foreskin stimulates mitoses, which creates new skin cells and ultimately a faux foreskin.

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T-tape refers to the shape of the tape, seen from the end, used by some men to restore their foreskin.

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Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is a medical procedure that grows additional skin in situ.

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TLC Tugger

The TLC Tugger™  is a foreskin restoration device.

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The TLC-X™  is a bi-directional, tapeless restoration device.

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UNCIRC - UNCircumcision Infomation and Resource Centers

UNCircumcising Information and Resources Centers, a group formed in 1991 by Jim Bigelow (author of "The Joy of Uncircumcising!"). In June 1994, the organization was incorporated under NORM.

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