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Mogen Clamp

The Mogen clamp is circumcision device used to hold and crush the foreskin after it is pulled past the glans.

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Jewish ritual circumciser. Need not be a rabbi or a man. May be a doctor. Mohalot are an innovation of the Reform movement, not recognized by Orthodox Judaism.


The period immediately following birth, newborn (adjective).

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The severing (Neurotomy) or surgical removal (Neurectomy) of part or all of a nerve. In the 19th century, a neurotomy was performed at the base of the penis to reduce sensation of the penis, and thereby any type of sexual pleasure. Invariably, this also occurs during all types of circumcision because the nerve endings in the ridged band and the inner foerskin are removed, thereby the cause of some of the reduction of sexual pleasure of cut men

Outer Foreskin

The outer foreskin is the part of the penile foreskin that is normally exposed when the intact foreskin is extended.

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The Plastibell™  circumcision device is a tool for male neonatal circumcision.

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The process of restoring the coverage of the glans through either non-surgical or surgical means.

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