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A method of circumcision in which the doctor uses just a scapel to remove the foreskin.

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Frenar Band

The Frenar band (or ridged band) is a group of soft ridges near the junction of the inner and outer foreskin.

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The surgical removal of the frenulum.

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Gliding Action

A term used to describe the smooth and gentle movement between the mucosal surfaces of the two partners during intercourse.

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Gomco Clamp

A circumcision device consisting of a metal bell placed over the glans (requiring a dorsal slit in the foreskin first) and a flat plate with a hole in it placed over both, to define the position of the cut. They are brought together by a screw to apply circular crushing and fusing force at the position of excision.

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Hairy Shaft

A complication of circumcision where the lack of adequate shaft skin causes hairy pubic and scrotal skin to be drawn onto the erect penile shaft (also called Hirsute Penis). 

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Hemostats are the lockable, scissors-like clamp used in some surgeries such as many types of circumcision.

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High cut

A circumcision is called "high" when more shaft skin and less mucosa tissue is removed.

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Hypospadias refers to the abnormal location of the urinary opening.  It can be either congenital, or the result of a surgical (Iatrogenic) mistake during circumcision (see photo below). 

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