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Inner Foreskin

Inner foreskin is mucosal tissue that extends from the glans to the ridged band in an intact penis or to the circumcision scar in a circumcised penis.

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The movement to protect children (whether male, female or intersexed) from having healthy parts of their genitals cut off.

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A supporter of the Intactivism movement.


Keratinization is a specific term implying the formation of keratin.

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Loose cut

A loose cut is a circumcision in which the shaft is is not tight when the penis is erect. A loose cut is contrasted with a tight cut where the shaft skin is tight or taut when erect.

Low cut

A circumcision is called "low" when more mucosa tissue and less shaft skin is removed.

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MC - Male Circumcision

Male Circumcision is the term most commonly used by proponents of Male Genital Mutilation.

Meatal Stenosis

Narrowing of the meatus, a common complication of circumcision.

Meissner's Corpuscles

One of the primary orgasmic nerve receptors in the foreskin.  In the penis, they are concentrated in the ridged band, inner foreskin and the frenulum.

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MGM - Male Genital Mutilation

Male Genital Mutilation is an accurate description of the practice of male circumcision.  A parallel to Female Genital Mutilation, both are generally performed for similar social and du

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