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Turkey Neck

Turkey neck, or a penoscrotal web, is where the skin is so tight that, when erect, some skin from the scrotum is pulled forward on the bottom or ventral side of the penis.

The pulled scrotal skin forms a web under the penis. Penoscrotal webbing sometimes occurs in intact men, but most often in circumcised men with a very tight cut

The picture below shows a turkey neck just before it is surgically removed. Click the pic to see the full story in a new window/tab.

Example of Turkey Neck

Picture from Dr. Harold Reed website.

Scrotal Skin on Penis - Turkey Neck

Image Source:

Description: Results of a tight circumcision. The area between arrows 1 and 2 is the only remaining original shaft skin. The area above arrow 1, which is at the circumcision scar, was originally the inner mucosa of the foreskin. The area below arrow 2 is scrotal skin pulled up onto the penis, the base of which is marked by arrow 3. This erect penis appears to be smaller than it is because of the scrotal skin covering roughly a third of the shaft. 

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