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Manual Tugging Method 4 and 5

Avatar for Tally, a circumcised guy who is manual tugs his foreskin to restore it This manual tugging guide contributed by Tally, a firm believer in taking matters into his own hands!


Using nothing but your hands, you can still tug and achieve good results.  Method 4 is the method described by Doug on his Manual Methods of Foreskin restoration website. Method 4 involves using one hand to grab the end of the skin tube and the other hand to pull the skin back, there by tensioning the outer foreskin.

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Method 4 is a great tugging method for those with enough slack skin to pull the foreskin over their glans. This method isolates the foreskin from the scrotal skin or the hairy shaft skin.

Hand/Finger placement

Method 4 is basically grasping the end of the foreskin with one hand and grasping the penile shaft skin with the other hand making an OK symbol with the thumb and index finger.  With one hand, the thumb and index finger encircle the shaft of your penis near your scrotum.  With the other hand, the fingers grasp the skin tube that projects beyond the glans. With a firm grip, the two hands are moved apart to stretch the outer skin of the shaft.

The center illustration below shows the finger position for grasping the end of the extended foreskin. The thumb is positioned between the other fingers.  To grip the foreskin, the foreskin is pushed so that the end is past the glans. The thumb is inserted inside the skin tube and the other fingers pinch the foreskin between the fingers and the thumb. The other had grasps the skin of the shaft.  The two hands are then pulled apart to tension the outer skin.

The illustration above is by ThePowersthatBe
who has graciously permitted its use here.

Method 4 is one way to tension the outer foreskin and ensure that the tension is applied only to the hairless part of the outer foreskin.  By making sure that the hand grips the shaft skin above the hairline on the shaft, tension will only be applied to the outer skin between the two hands.

A variation of Method 4 is to apply tension to both the inner and outer foreskin.  This technique is called Method 5 by Doug.  The hand that grasps the end of the foreskin pulls the foreskin away from the body.  The other hand grasps the foreskin over the glans and then squeezes. The two hands are pulled apart to apply tension. Squeezing pushes the glans down and tensions the inner foreskin. At the same time, the hand is moved down and tensions the outer foreskin. The technique of Method 5 is similar to the squeeze-stretch method, although the squeeze-stretch method can be performed with a shorter foreskin.

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