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Manual Tugging Method 3

Avatar for Tally, a circumcised guy who is manual tugs his foreskin to restore it This manual tugging guide contributed by Tally, who is a firm believer in taking matters into his own hands!


Using nothing but your hands, you can still tug and achieve good results.  Method 3 is the method described by Doug on his Manual Methods of Foreskin restoration website. Method 3 involves pulling the end of the foreskin away from the body to tension the inner foreskin.

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Method 3 is a great method for focusing on the inner foreskin.  Also, manual tugging method 3 is great for focusing on a portion of the foreskin that is shorter than the rest.  For example, many guys notice that the ventral portion of the foreskin is shorter than the dorsal portion.  By tensioning the dorsal side of the foreskin with method 3, that portion will be stimulated to grow.  But remember, to stimulate only one portion of the foreskin to grow, the other portions must not also be stimulated.  So, if you want the dorsal or ventral portion to be longer, use method 3 by itself and take a break before using any other restoration method.

Alternatively, you can move your grip around the circumference of your skin tube so that you are tensioning all of your foreskin.  That is, you can grip your skin at the dorsal side, the left side, the ventral side, and then the right side to tension all the sides of your foreskin.

To do method 3, just grab your foreskin and pull away from your body.  The illustration below shows how manual tugging with method 3 is done. Typically, the skin is pinched at the scar line or point of equilibrium (POE).  Only a portion of the end of the skin tube is gripped or pinched. Method 3 can be done with an erection or when flaccid.  It doesn't really matter.

 Foreskin restoration basic manual tugging method 3

The illustration above is by ThePowersthatBe
who has graciously permitted its use here.

How much tension is enough?

One benefit to manual tugging is that you can see your skin while tugging.  I apply enough tension so that I can feel the skin being pulled taut.  I pull just a little bit more and hold for 5 to 30 seconds.  I then relax the tension for a few seconds and repeat.  I do this for 1 to 5 minutes at a time.

But, not too much tension!

Tugging should never hurt.  There should not be any pain or soreness from tugging.

The longer you apply tension, the less tension you can safely apply without it being painful.  Said in another way, more tension can be applied if you tug for only a few seconds at a time.

After a good manual tugging session, the skin may become red and warm, even hot.  Tugging causes the body to increase the blood flow to your skin to help alleviate the stress caused by tugging.

How often do I need to do this?

The purpose of tugging is to induce mitosis.  Mitosis is the process in which new skin cells grow, which makes the shaft skin longer, which will become our restored foreskin.  There are no scientific studies that tell us how much tension should be applied for how long or how often.  All we have is the experience of others to guide us.

If you wish to stimulate only one side of your foreskin because it is shorter than the rest, I suggest doing only method 3 on the short side during a single tugging session.  I would then let your foreskin rest for a few hours.  This will ensure that you stimulate only the part of your foreskin that you want to grow.


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