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Note: The following is a public version of a blog describing one man's start on his journey of restoring his foreskin.


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  Tally's awakening: The first step on the restoring journey

Up until a month ago, I thought I was normal.   I knew I was circumcised, but I really did not know what that meant.  I knew I did not have a foreskin, but I've never seen one on another guy, and I had no idea what a foreskin was.

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This is a Public Version of a blog that is offered as a sample of one man's story of starting to restore his forskin after many years of being circumcised. 
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That changed last August. I was suffering from a severe case acute bacterial prostatitus (ABP).  I began researching ABP and treatment options.  That Saturday I learned about male genital mutilation, commonly called circumcision. Until that day, I never realized what had been done to me when I was born - I was a victim of routine infant circumcision or RIC as it is known. I was appalled, and I finally understood the reason for some of the irritation and pains that I experienced with my penis.

I also discovered foreskin restoration that same day.  It only took me one day and several hours of research to decide to restore my foreskin.  Finding the book Sex as Nature Intended it on-line convinced me. I started my foreskin restoring by manual tugging with method 2.  Several times a day I manually tug my foreskin.  It only takes a few minutes, but after only a few weeks I noticed that my skin feels looser.

Fortunately, I was loosely cut when I was circumcised.  My Coverage Index is CI-2 when I am flaccid. That means the skin on the shaft of my penis is a little loose when my penis is flaccid. When I have an erection and my penis is hard, the skin on the shaft of my penis is tight, but not uncomfortably so. I am lucky, some guys are cut so tight, that their penis does not fully extend when they have an erection.  I also have most of my frenulum left after my circumcision.  The frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis remaining after circumcision.

I am 52 and my inner foreskin remnant and glans are keratinized. That is, a layer of calloused skin has grown to protect my inner foreskin remnant and glans from the constant rubbing against my underwear. My penis is not very sensitive and I have trouble keeping an erection. It also takes me a long time to ejaculate. I sometimes wear out before I reach orgasm. I used to think that was a good thing, but my wife doesn't and I don't always want to have sex for hours.

As a circumcised guy, my wife gets sore from sex and we use a lot of lubricant. I have heard others say that having a foreskin will reduce, if not eliminate, the soreness after sex and we will not need lubricant because the foreskin keeps the slippery stuff inside.  There is even a New Zealand study that describes women's problems with sex that are caused by circumcised guys.

I want to reclaim what was taken from me.  I plan on documenting my journey here as I keep on tugging.  I am eager to reach my destination, but, because the journey will be long, I plan on making the most of every tug of the way.