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Brit Shalom (or Bris Shalom ) (or Brit Shalem)

Brit Shalom, or Brit Shalem, is a surgery‐free Jewish naming ceremony that replaces the more traditional Brit Milah circumcision for newborn Jewish boys.

Brit shalom can be similar to the naming ceremony traditionally used for baby girls. It may be performed by a Rabbi or other experienced lay leader. The ceremony has also been termed Alternative Brit (or Bris), Brit B'li Milah (Covenant without cutting) and Brit Chayim (Covenant of Life). Brit and Bris are used interchangeably.

The Brit Shalom Society was an organization of Jewish intellectuals in the 1920s‐30s promoting Jewish‐Arab reconciliation. The Society had nothing to do with circumcision.

Reference: Brit Shalom Celebrants